Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Irrational Crafting Urge

I don't know if it's my current bout of insomnia or what, but I've got an urge to make irrational crafts.

For example, water balloon luminaries via CandleTech via Whip Up. I want to make like a zillion of them for a friend's wedding. But I won't. Nor will I make said friend a custom wedding runner. Via One Pretty Thing. So just forget I ever mentioned it.

Another example, along with all of the fabric beach balls I'm going to make to go with all of the baby quilts I haven't finished, now I want to make growth charts too, via Unraveled via Whip Up. Oh, but that growth chart involves upholstering lumber. In my imagination the growth chart is just a quilted wall hanging type deal. Easier to pack and ship with the quilt and the beach ball. All of which are entirely fictitious given the belated state of my baby blankets in progress. Oh, yeah, and now I want to make light-up firefly baby booties to go along with the baby quilts, fabric beach balls, and growth charts. Via CraftGossip. Oh, and one or more of these delinquent baby quilts, I mean delinquent quilts for babies, not that your babies are delinquents, I mean who am I to say, but still, anyway, is going to be based on this nursery art by Homemade by Jil. Via One Pretty Thing.

Oh, and in case there is any pumpkin carving in my future, I want to make mine an election-themed Barack-O'-Lantern. Via One Pretty Thing.

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Thalia said...

The booties are freaking adorable.

And I don't think I am the person who you are thinking of making candles for, but if so, you go and do that funky crafting thing!

That looks like such fun.

E is amused with my urges to make things, I have this constant urge to create things and be crafty. Unfortunately, I am not a speedy knitter, so I am slow at getting things done.

Rebecca said...

Check out Yes We Carve for more Obama themed pumpkins.