Tuesday, October 07, 2008

La Jolla's Seal Beach

I know they're not like koalas or anything, but seals are cute. So I thought I'd share my cute seal pictures. Don't you love it when a blog you enjoy reading for it's non-personal content suddenly devolves into sharing vacation photos when you KNOW the author is perfectly capable of sharing them via Snapfish or whatnot with just the few family members that might remotely care? Me too.

The above seal was rolling on a seaweed covered rock. He looked just like Augie rolling on our seaweed colored carpet.

This just does not seem like a relaxing position for a seal to maintain for any length of time. Yet this seal and a few others we saw were just as still as can be in this seal equivalent of Vrishikasana

P.S. I know pelicans are not seals. But they were at the same beach. So they're in the same post. Deal with my arbitrariness on SO many levels.

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