Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interior Design at the W San Diego

As I have thoroughly cataloged in earlier posts, the weekend before last we went to San Diego to hang out with the in-laws who were in town for a conference. We got to stay at the W Hotel, which is full of fun interior design stuff that was totally inspiring. So I thought I'd share a few pictures of my favorite things about our room, including the above picture of the view from our window straight down into the pool.

Continuing the beach theme - a beach ball-esque pillow, usually poised in the middle of our bed when housekeeping had their way. It totally reminded me of the recent how-to on Purl Bee that made me want to make fabric beach balls to go with every baby quilt I make - if I could ever finish another baby quilt. Also the solid fabrics on all the pillows were like shot cotton (though they didn't feel cotton - I'm referring more to the textile manufacture process) in that the warp thread color differs from the weft thread color. The resulting fabric appears almost iridescent and the color seems to change as the fabric conforms to different shapes. So that cornflower blue fabric has orange highlights not because my camera flash was orange, but because the warp threads are orange.

David and I are complete suckers for window seats. Other than the bed, desk, and deskchair, this built-in window seat was the only other furniture in the room. It made so much more sense than the usual single upholstered chair in rooms this size. I developed a nonsensical crush on the breakfast tray. I actually spent much of an afternoon sitting in the window seat with that tray over my lap, soda can in the soda can shaped cutout, Kindle in the newspaper depression, staring out the window at the beach balls floating around the pool. I have spent the subsequent weeks trying to figure out how to incorporate a navy, cornflower, purple, and white color scheme into our house.

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Rebecca said...

I'm very jealous of your glamorous vacay. Not only koalas, but awesome hotel!