Sunday, October 05, 2008


This weekend we went to San Diego to hang out with the in-laws who were in town for a conference. We took the train down there, which was amazing because for the most part it runs right along the ocean. We got to stay at the W Hotel, which is full of fun interior design stuff that was totally inspiring AND they had bath supplies from Bliss which were SO awesome. We got to eat with the in-laws for every meal and the concierge at the W hooked them up with reservations at two amazing dinner restaurants, Georges Contemporary in La Jolla and Cafe Agave in Old Town. But perhaps most importantly, we got to go to the San Diego Zoo! I didn't take tons of pictures, but I did document the koalas for a certain koala fanatic who will remain nameless >coughRebeccacough<.

Thank you to Bob, GIMP, and Grokking the GIMP by Carey Bunks for the knowledge and power to digitally enhance this last sleeping koala picture until it was perfection.

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Rebecca said...

KOALAS! I'm insanely jealous. If you had actually gotten to hold one I don't know if I would be able to talk to you anymore.

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Much better than the college algebra seminar we were in this weekend.

Sarah said...

Yes, it was much better than the college algebra seminar. :)

If I had actually had the opportunity to hold a koala, I would not have told you about it. :)

San Diego is only a three hour train ride from home, so when you come visit we could probably sneak down there for some serious zoo-age. We didn't go to the Safari Park, which is supposed to be even awesomer.

We want to install a koala habitat in our dining room. We also want to install human-sized koala posts to nap on. It looks so comfy.

Rebecca said...

I would never have thought he could be even cuter!