Monday, October 20, 2008

Round Up

In this round up: hipsters in NYC, everyone deserves defense, color IQ, Denyse Schmidt quilts for Obama, Ikea fabric, backyard chickens, alternative dog poo disposal.

P.S. I've added a new link or two to the Color Theory Index.

I'm going to NYC on my east coast tour in a week and I am, perhaps not shockingly, too cheap to get a hotel room. So I'm staying with my friend Elisa and her roommate. I am SO not cool enough.

Over dinner at my brother's wedding, my mother's significant other decided to drill me about who I would defend if I were a criminal defense attorney. My mom's S.O.'s radical inappropriateness aside, my answer was something like Peter Keane's piece in the This I Believe series on NPR: Everyone Deserves Defense.

Interested in quantifying your ability to arrange color? Got things to do that you really don't want to do? Need to look busy on your computer without actually doing anything too taxing? Test your color IQ via True Up. Beware: the graph at the end comparing your results to other folks of your age and gender is completely f--ed. Certain mathematicians, who we'll just call "Bob" for the sake of argument, would call said graph an example of innumeracy.

Check out dogged's post about an eye-bending Obama quilt designed by the very popular quilt designer Denyse Schmidt to be auctioned off to benefit the Obama campaign. Via Dogs and Laughter.

I am seriously contemplating Ikea's $5.99 per yard Inger fabric. It's 59 inches wide, so it would make a great backing fabric. And I've got some projects that are looking for some oversized black and white prints to be overdyed, so this might be just the thing. The only thing giving me pause is the extremely low thread count of some of the Ikea cloth goods I've purchased in the past. I better go check these out in person. And maybe have some Swedish meatballs and a cinnamon bun while I'm at it. Via Domino via Design*Sponge.

More support for backyard chicken coops via the Organic Consumers Association.

Another alternative to plastic grocery bags for dog waste disposal: Skooperbox Biodegradable Poop Scoop Boxes via Re-Nest.

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