Monday, November 10, 2008

Round Up

In this round up: green foodies suggestions for President-elect Obama, Al Gore's op ed, sustainable turkey, Obama's chili, following international human rights case, solar power en mass, Japanese quilts, unmentionables, knitting knick-knack holders (is there a synonym for "holder" that starts with an n sound?), recovering the deck chairs on the Titanic . . . if "on the Titanic" means "in my garage."

Grist's blog Gristmill has compiled a series of suggestions from green leaders for President-elect Obama. This week the green foodies have their say including Michael Pollan.

Gristmill also nicely highlights the salient features of Al Gore's op ed in the Sunday New York Times, including that clean coal is fictional and plug-in hybrids are awesome. P.S. Al Gore for Environmental Czar!

Also check out Gristmill's suggestions for sourcing a sustainable turkey for your holiday fete.

Speaking of celebrating, how about cooking up some of Barack Obama's favorite chili to celebrate his election to the presidency of the United States of America? Makes me smile every time I type it. Via Serious Eats.

Following Bowoto v. Chevron because there's nothing like the Alien Tort Claims Statute for going after multinational corporations for exploiting the downtrodden. Via Blue Marble.

Contemplating harassing my condo association to look into installing solar power. Via Utne's green blog.

Moving Hands has posted some gorgeous and inspiring pictures of Yokohama Quilt Week in Japan.

Still contemplating making my own skivvies. Apparently Amy over at Angry Chicken has actually taken action on such contemplation and she's still wrangling more panty patterns.

Contemplating making a set of knitting-related nick-nack holders out of old prescription bottles for my friend's birthday in December based on this how-to at Whip Up. Then again, I think the idea is it's for crafters with kids. Do the child-safety caps have any benefits other than preventing access to the non-dexterous?

I have a truly ugly set of deck chairs left by the previous owners in the garage. Maybe they would be less hideous if I replaced the fabric like this Before and After from Design*Sponge?

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