Friday, November 21, 2008

Vacation Furrday

The boys relaxing in their first hour of Thanksgiving vacation.

Sphinxy says, "Riddle me this, who's the cutest?"

David and Izzy confer, "We are the cutest, no?"
Izzy sticks his tongue out in triumph.
Zoom in for cuteness!

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Thalia said...

AH, shorts-weather. We've got the heat going, and the dogs are delighted to tear around the dog park with 30 mph winds and temperatures in the 30's. Woo!

I hope you four are having a relaxing weekend.

Sarah said...

Dear Thalia,
How Californian am I that I didn't even notice David was wearing shorts? It's rarely non-shorts-weather here.

In fact, we're going to Hilton Head, South Carolina, for Thanksgiving and we're most excited that the high is going to be 60-something at most the whole time we're there. We're bringing all our cold-weather clothes that we love and never have the opportunity to wear.

We're bummed the dogs won't be with us in Hilton Head because they get super snugly when it's cold. Instead, they'll be wearing out the doggie daycare dude's pitching arm playing fetch all week.

I hope you four are chillin'.

Warm regards,