Monday, November 17, 2008


This is a picture of ash on our deck left over from the fires in Brea and Yorba Linda this weekend. Our place is about three miles from the southwestern corner of the voluntary evacuation area for the Brea fire Saturday evening. So we're just fine. Smells like the bonfire at summer camp . . . any suggestions for getting that out of the carpets? And the dogs?

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Thalia said...

This is crazy. I'm glad you four are doing OK.

Thalia said...

p.s. Apparently what works really well to get skunk smell out of dogs' coats is douche. As in over-the-counter, "feminine product" douche.

I read about one guy (who owns/owned a Kerry, which LOOOVE to go after badger-sized animals) who went to the local drugstore one evening after his dog got sprayed and picked up a double-armful of douche. How do you then say, "It's for my dog?"

You might try that - or a water-and-vinegar rinse.