Friday, November 07, 2008

Furrday: Post-Election Patriotism

Izzy and Augie have been feeling very patriotic since America elected Barack Obama on Tuesday.

I think if they could run for office, these might make some nice campaign publicity stills.
Or maybe this is the start of their campaign to persuade Malia and Sasha to pick a mutt from the Humane Society for the First Puppy. All Things Considered had an in depth piece on the push for a presidential pound puppy and the associated webpage has a photo gallery of presidential pooches.
FYI, I've added a furrday label so you can more easily get your cute dog fix. Just click on the furrday label at the end of this post or on the left side under "View only posts about:" to, perhaps not surprisingly, view only furrday posts.

Also FYI, The found object art depicting the American flag in the background of these pictures was created by Ab Ivens [WARNING: links to a site with streaming music - turn down those speakers at work!], a.k.a. Ab the Flagman.

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