Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Carved

On the first leg of my fabulous East Coast Tour I spent a lovely afternoon carving pumpkins with my bro, mom, and sis-in-law. It was AWESOME!

Bob and Rebecca have been carving intricate jack-o'-lanterns for many years. Every year they buy a set of Pumpkin Masters tools and patterns. I had seen these in the grocery store and thought they were just the cheap commercialization of an activity that can be just as easily undertaken with a kitchen knife and spoon. I was SO wrong. The scoop with the super short handle was awesome for cleaning out my little pumpkin. To conserve carving space, Mom had cut the smallest hole in the top. A regular spoon could not possibly have fit in that tiny hole. The little rolling pattern marker made quick work of transferring the patterns from paper to pumpkin.

I chose a simple Barack-O'-Lantern Logo Stencil designed by Josh Horton from Yes We Carve. Mom chose a surprised face from the back issues of the Pumpkin Masters pattern books because she thought it would be relatively easy, as this was her first time carving pumpkins with these tools. Rebecca chose a super intricate Creepy with curlicue bats because she's like a pumpkin carving superstar. Bob chose a ghost coming through a gothic window holding a candlestick, the latter being INCREDIBLY tiny because we had to shrink all of our patterns to fit on our smaller pumpkins.

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Terri said...

So where's Barack???

Sarah said...

I wimped out and did the Obama logo with a stem. Those pumpkin portraits on YesWeCarve.org were INTENSE. I'd never used this sort of carving equipment so I had no idea the intricacy I could achieve. If we had a fifth pumpkin, I would have done a portrait.