Monday, April 20, 2009

Brunch Menu

Last Saturday we hosted our first party in California, a little brunch to welcome friends' new baby. I cooked like a mad woman and was rewarded with many compliments. Following please find the menu with links to all the recipes I could find.

  • Wild Rice and Quinoa Breakfast Stuffing - Back in February Mark Bittman wrote an article in The New York Times about rethinking breakfast. This recipe and the two following are all from that article.
  • Wheat Berries with Sesame, Soy Sauce, and Scallions
  • Polenta Pizza - I made the variation with mozzarella, roma tomatoes, and fresh basil.
  • Quiche - I omitted the ham, since I wasn't sure if there were any veggies in the crowd. Everyone seemed to like it regardless. I heard no cries of, "You know what this needs? HAM!"
  • Chocolate-Oatmeal Cupcakes With Maple-Bacon Butter Cream - On the same day as the aforementioned Bittman breakfast article ran, the Dining section also ran an article by Julia Moskin about chefs taking inspiration from diner breakfast items to create intricate desserts. This recipe was the least insane of the recipes printed with that article . . . and, yes, there is bacon grease in the frosting.
  • Whoopie Pies - I made these about a third the size the recipe calls for and served them in cupcake liners, which made for easy eating.
  • Baking Powder Biscuits - my own recipe that I'll save for another day.
  • Super Seven-Spice Potatoes from The Grit Cookbook: World-Wise, Down-Home Recipes.
  • Brie en Croute - my own recipe that I'll save for another day.
  • Eggs, sausage, & bacon - no recipes required.

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Thalia said...

I clearly need to win the lottery so I can hire you to become a full-time chef for me and E. Dang.

Sarah said...

Don't buy lottery tickets on my account. This amount of cooking is not a regular occurrence. No, no. But the three Bittman breakfast items were very conducive to weekend prep for weekday eating. So even a superbusy household like yours might swing them.

Now, Chocolate-Oatmeal Cupcakes With Maple-Bacon Butter Cream, that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Later that evening, well after eating that most spectacular brunch food, when Sharon and I were lolling around on the couch like the sausage-stuffed piglets we were, she turned to me and said (in the same tone of voice in which you proclaim someone the luckiest man in the world), "You know what I was wondering? What does David bring for lunch every day? 'Cause it must be the greatest thing..."

Thanks again.

Sarah said...

Stephen, I am so glad you and Sharon enjoyed brunch.

However, I must confess that I do not pack extraordinary lunches for David. He is a creature of habit, so when I do pack his lunch it is the same turkey sandwich with swiss, the same Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, and maybe a chocolate chip cookie, or a brownie, if those are on the desert roster that week.

Of course, he's still the luckiest man in the world, but his lunches are just not that exciting. :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds amazing! What a spread. My brunch was a mere shadow of this and I was exhausted. I can't even imagine.

Sarah said...

Rebecca, I am SO sure your brunch was not a mere shadow of this. All of my food posts are just my attempt to get your, The High Priestess of Foodies, approval. Also, David handled all the housecleaning, and the sausage, bacon, and eggs, as well as most of the biscuit prep. Nonetheless, I was exhausted. I've slept all week I was so exhausted. Thank goodness we had leftovers or David would have starved as I snored the week away.