Sunday, April 12, 2009

This week in pictures

It's been a fairly typical week. Cookies for the Math Tea, coaxing my plants to grow so that I can have some life on the deck, and taking in a little fun via the Monument Avenue Easter Parade.

Black and white cookies were a big hit. Fortunately there were some leftover to make a delicious Friday night dinner. (In conjunction with some matzo ball soup.)

My wimpy plants are hanging in there, but not super happy. The peppers look the most robust, but even they aren't close to ready for the real world.

Sunkissed blooms on Monument Ave. It was a really pretty day and everyone's gardens were blooming.

One great dog tongue picture. It did not seem like it would be possible for him to fit his tongue back into his mouth.

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Sarah said...

Your black and white cookies look delicious. And you made matzo ball soup?!? WOW!

Your plants look much more healthy than my plants did at the same time in their growth cycle. Which reminds me, the cilantro seeds you sent me that we thought might have become ground coriander in the mail sprouted fantastically. They're taller than the sprouts I started six weeks ago already.

That bulldog tongue is INSANE. That cannot be comfortable.