Monday, March 23, 2009

Makin' Whoopie . . . Pies

David doesn't usually make culinary requests (though he does offer positive reinforcement for dishes he prefers, e.g., his enchiladas victory dance), but when he saw March 17th's Dining section of the New York Times aglow with an article on whoopie pies, he made an exception. Following the recipe accompanying the article, I made the chocolate cake/cookie thingies on one day and the "buttercream" filling on the following day. Is it really buttercream if there's no cream?

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Terri said...

Mmmmmm... This took my pregnant brain a sec, but I think in this case, you're using the cream as a verb. Makin cream out of butter and sugar. Yummy!

Thalia said...

Enchilida victory dance? Where is the YouTube link when I need it?

Mmm, whoopie pies. So Olde-Tymey decadent.