Friday, April 10, 2009

Fullerton Furrday

Shortly after we moved here, two drainage devices on the corner of State College and Yorba Linda were painted to look like old fashioned orange crates. I have wanted to get a picture of the dogs in front of these crates ever since. Between that and my need for a picture of myself for another purpose, this week we finally did a little photo shoot.
As you can probably tell, Augie just got his summer hairdo. David insisted we go on our entire walk before the photo shoot, so my hairdo looks a little mushed from my hat.
Izzy and I are looking at the camera . . . a certain dog who shall go unnamed is busy licking his nose.
We tried a sunnier side of the box with ears down . . .
. . . and with ears up.
By this time Izzy felt that the photo shoot was unduly delaying his breakfast time.

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Thalia said...

You all look adorable, and also wholesome. Is that what living with lots of sunshine does? 'Cause maybe I need some of that!

Rebecca said...

Loved seeing your photo shoot! Those boxes are cool. What are you taking pictures for?

Shouldn't Augie just always have an LA haircut?

Sarah said...

We look wholesome? Huh. I don't think I personally owe California sunshine any credit as I hide from the evil sun. Augie and Izzy do bask regularly, so that might account for their wholesomeness.

I needed a picture for my Orange County Arthritis Walk fund raising web page:
Now I just have to work on some more original text.

I like Augie super-fluffy and apparently his groomer here likes him that way too. A certain hubby who will remain nameless agrees with you.