Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring = Pretty and weird

I've been given flowers recently. Daffodils from my grad student who's husband is allergic and flowering shrub cuttings from neighbors (for helping them move a piece of furniture.)

(You can just about see my cute elephant salt and pepper shakers in the background.)

I made chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, which were too salty, but still edible.

The shower is draining slowly and so when I wash my hair, there are strands remaining in the tub after the water drains out. The other day, the hair spelled my initials.

A pair of morning doves are trying to procreate on our windowsill. The first attempt sadly ended in disaster, with broken eggs on the ground. They are trying again, but seem to be having extreme difficulty figuring out how exactly to rebuild a nest. Not that their first attempt was nothing to brag about.

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Sarah said...

This post wins the Gnomicon "Most Surreal" award. Your hair in the tub formed your initials . . . and you took a picture of it . . . and you posted it on the blog. You are blowing my mind.

And the morning doves demonstrating the nature of natural selection.

It's freakin' me out, man.