Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A friend I met through the Flying Geese Quilters Guild raises free-range chickens at her home. Today we carpooled together to our guild meeting and she brought me a dozen eggs. Michael Pollan would be proud.

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Thalia said...

They look tasty. No eggs for me right now (Lent...oh, and that high cholesterol), but I do love them.

I joined a CSA this year. I thought of you all. I'm looking forward to the May - onward timeframe for veggies and eggs each week.

Rebecca said...

Hurray for CSAs! I can't wait for mine to start. There's supposed to be some produce showing up in April. The snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago delayed things a bit. Fortunately they hadn't planted anything yet - everything was still in the greenhouse.

Finally got my one plants germinating (fingers crossed). I'm looking forward to growing my own herbs so I can spend my CSA dollars on other things.