Saturday, March 14, 2009

AA to the stars

stephenfryOh yes indeed Happy Pi Day. Und Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Albert Einstein, Schatzi Bob WiemanbobwiemanHappy PI day! Happy Einstein's birthday! Happy start of spring break! (Okay, that last one's probably mostly for me.) Still, happy day!

Yes, that's me reminding Stephen Fry of the important holidays today. I try to keep him updated on the important things, so he seems connected and "with it" on his various public appearances. I'm like his personal assistant.

Auto-update from Thank you, bobwieman, for twittering Stephen Fry. And thank you, readers of bobwieman, for reading about twittering Stephen Fry. In the interest of strict veracity, please replace "personal assistant" in the above post with "twittering stalker", and again, thank you.

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Thalia said...

Bob, are we going to have to fight for Stephen Fry's love?

*sigh* You put more effort into it - you deserve it.