Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Back . . . with a Roundup

Since Bob & Rebecca are off to the Great White North, my Not Not Martha post got six whole comments (OK, two of them were from me, but STILL), and my blogging mojo seems to be on the fritz, I thought I'd post another round up of links from my favorite blogs . . . this time with a little more context so you can make an informed decision whether to click or not to click.

In honor of Bob & Rebecca's road trip to the frozen tundra, Photojojo has posted it's Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography.

A fun followup to my Opting Out post at Re-Nest in which they suggest a way to track which periodicals are selling your information to junk mailers AND simultaneously amuse your letter carrier.

Bob & Rebecca have a basement in need of pimping. Might I suggest, again via Re-Nest, Retro Plate concrete polishing?

Contemplating a no-dig garden on top of the cement pad of our patio, again via Re-Nest, which also links to the how-to.

A roundup of green fabrics and fibers via, wait for it, that's right, Re-Nest.

I had been enamored of the fabric birds which grace the cover of Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, but I am perhaps even more enamored of the birds on the mobile over at Spool. Thankfully, they provide a free .pdf pattern. Via Design*Sponge.

Glad to see Our Gentle Reader and Rebecca are both reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. It will change your life! Or at least your approach to food. Don't forget to follow up with In Defense of Food, or you'll either never buy food again and starve to death or drop out and try to live on a self-sustaining family farm, which would probably lead to the same end result. More about Slow Food at the New York Times.

In the same post Gentle Reader alludes to the next book on her reading list, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, which reminded me to tell y'all about the Democracy Now interview with its author Vincent Bugliosi, in which he displayed all the signs of a schizophrenic off his meds. "There’s a strong sound in my ear here, there’s a big rattling sound here. . . . There’s a lot of noise in my left ear, a constant rattle; if you can get rid of it, I’d appreciate it. And—well, it’s not stopping." You really have to listen to the whole interview to get the full vibe. I mean, if the Bush administration is trying to make this guy look crazy to help bury the book, making his earphones go funny was HIGHLY effective.

Completely bummed that I missed the free streaming of Joss Whedon's latest project and contemplating enslaving myself to iTunes again in order to download it.

Picture of adorable baby bunnies at Field Trips in Fiber.

Interesting discussion of same sex marriage among inmates in California over at The Citizens.

Prof. Berman posts a Federal Bureau of Prisons portion of the U.S. Sentencing Commission's symposium on alternative sentencing. I'm willing to bet that if Director Lappin wasn't feeling some pressure from the AG, his cost/benefit analysis of halfway houses would be different. Could be worse, the BOP director could be a political appointee.

I, lack of television notwithstanding, am SO excited for the fifth season of Project Runway! Any suggestions on which three designers will garner the most Fafarazzi points? So far I'm languishing in 769th place with only two points from Tim Gunn telling Kenley to carry on in episode 2. I might be doing better if I'd actually read any of their bios or, you know, could watch the show.

Oh, and don't forget Am I Really Going Through This? I couldn't pick just one post. Preston goes camping, judges Anchorage's Gay Pride Parade, and gets crabs, not necessarily in that order. Nor do said events have any causal relationship to one another.

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