Tuesday, July 15, 2008


From this bounty, you would not expect that we were leaving town Thursday.

The produce just looked so amazing that I couldn't resist. It also doesn't hurt that I've already paid my money so I don't even bother to add up the total as I'm shopping. This week brought Italian long beans (known as Romano beans when more mature and the shells dry and crack), okra, and a yellow melon!

Look at how awesome that okra is. We sampled it raw and it was really good. No slime, not super strong. Just crisp and fresh. I love the little fringe that's still at the top of the okra. So fresh.

After the disappointing melon last week, I was hesitant about another melon. So glad I went for the yellow. It's awesome. Super sweet, crisp, juicy and not too many seeds.

I roasted the beets for future use and we ate half of the melon with super fancy prosciutto from the local butcher. I steamed the beans and then sauted them with a bit of butter and garlic. Add some cheese, bread, spicy cured meat, and red wine and you have an awesome dinner.

I bought the peaches from another vendor. They were so cheap - couldn't not get them. Maybe I'll make some peach salsa with the deeply green jalapenos...

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