Thursday, July 31, 2008

Return Address Labels

So in my haste to opt out of all mail, I think I might have missed out on the free return address labels. So today Augie and I made up some of our own. I heart Avery Design & Print Online.
Don't worry, Izzy made a .pdf for his labels, too. But I'm going to wait until we're out of Augie's to print Izzy's . . . or until I can get my hands on a color printer. Izzy just isn't as high contrast as Augie.

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Rebecca said...

I seem to get most of my return labels from charities. Does opt out stop those mailings too? Love the picture of Augie!

Sarah said...

Yup, the Direct Marketing Association 's Mail Preference Service limits not only commercial mail, but also national non-profit, i.e. charity, mail. I believe you can elect to receive non-profit mail, but since I don't ever give money that way, I figure I'll save the non-profits the cost of mailing me those address labels.

Thank you for your Augie picture love.