Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Moving in: after "before" but before "after"

I've got some pictures of the house, now that we've moved in, but not really finished unpacking and so forth.

You can see the pictures on Picasa, over here. Here's a teaser: if my camera captures color accurately, and your monitor represents color accurately, then you now can see what color we painted my lab.

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Update: I realized some context would be helpful. So here's some "before" pictures.

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Thalia said...

I love your house!

And the Earths mobile is excellent.

Sarah said...

So you painted the laboratory antique globe water blue-green. Awesome! And look at that perfect edge along the ceiling. If this math professing thing doesn't work out, you should become a professional interior painter.

Bob said...

Yeah, I didn't realize the green went with the globes too -- I picked it to go with the antiquey parchment color in the Arthur posters, and matching the globes came as a bonus.

Regarding the "perfect edge on the ceiling", I somehow forgot to take any pictures of the places where the masking tape ripped the white paint off the trim around the doors. But maybe Rebecca and I will start painting during the summers to supplement the teaching gig. :)