Friday, February 15, 2008

Things to Do: Update

Breeders: +1, Sarah: 0

Add one more baby quilt to my list of Things to Do. A dear friend of mine just announced that she is on a short list to adopt a newborn, which is so awesome . . . and yet mysterious. The adoption process is completely mystifying to me.

Let's hope it's a girl, because I've got the pieces of a girly quilt all cut out and ready to roll from when I laid out a, what I thought was pretty unisex, 30s reproduction quilt for an impending boy. Right before I started sewing I found out that the boy's room was decorated in a farm theme, but his dad thought that wasn't masculine enough, so his bathroom was going to be decorated in a shark theme or something equally terrifying from a Freudian childhood development standpoint. So I pulled all the blocks with flowers or pink as the dominant color and then had my husband look through them and pull out any other non-masculine patches that my butch-filter didn't screen out. So I was left with a stack of pink, lavender, flowery patches and an inordinate level of anxiety about the color and motifs in the baby quilts I make . . . or rather the baby quilts I have in various stages of production, since I haven't finished a baby quilt since that masculine 30s repro quilt, which was a huge hit, btw.

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