Monday, January 21, 2008

Things to Do

In the spirit of togetherness and sharing and progress that is M.L.K. Jr.'s legacy . . . O.K. or just because I told Bob that if he posted his list of things to do I would post mine . . . and that is SO not nagging. If you want nagging, I'll show you nagging. Bring it on, little man! Sorry, this post is getting away from me. Oh yes, things to do and togetherness and sharing.

  • Finish two baby quilts and start and finish two more. These kids are going to be thirty by the time I finish their baby quilts. I am contemplating telling my friends that I need to be notified before they even start trying to conceive. Every time they have unprotected sex, I should get a reminder email to get started on that quilt.
  • Make a camera obscura. This needs no explanation.
  • Affix the color tabs to my New Munsell Student Color Set.
  • Put finish on end table. I decoupaged an end table with postcards of Spanish advertisements and a tapas menu. But I don't think two layers of Mod Podge will protect it from the horrors that are life as an end table. So I've got this insane resin to cover it so it will look like the end table in the cabin on Cape Cod with the seashells and the sand all embedded over a yellowing map of the area. But without the seashells or the sand . . . or the map.

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