Monday, February 11, 2008

You Would Never See This During the Cold War

Due to some truly desperate and/or misguided marketing, the U.S. Navy mailed my husband a recruitment brochure. But more disturbing than the idea that the U.S. Navy is so desperate that they're trying to recruit thirtysomething Spanish professors with bad backs, is their pitch.

Want to heat up your career before you leave college? NUKE IT.

And on the other side:

Ready to start a high-speed chain reaction?

I am not making these up. I tried to find an image of this brochure online to no avail. As soon as I can get to a scanner, I will scan and post it.
But wait, there's more inside.

Start a high-speed chain reaction. Propel your life and your country forward!

So the Navy is actively pursuing people with a proclivity for dropping The Bomb, or at least playing fast and loose with fissile material. This does not make me sleep easier.

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