Sunday, February 03, 2008

Slave to Fashion

I am a big supporter of the Writers Guild of America strike, which is particularly easy given that I don't watch television. However, along with the economic impact on the rank and file entertainment industry workers, the big bummer about the strike is the lack of red carpet.

I love me some red carpet. It's just a completely fantastical fashion brief: make this person who just stepped out of a car look amazing from all conceivable angles for both still photography and video while standing on a brightly colored, non-reflective surface in a garment that has to be unique but appealing to that actor's target demographic. And the pictures of this person in this garment will make or break their career . . . so no pressure.

Alas, this season we are thus far left with the Screen Actors Guild Awards as our only fix. So enjoy the lasting photos of people not sure how to dress for an event that they usually don't bother to show up for, and certainly wouldn't wear a gown to, cocktail dress being more appropriate, and vote, Unions Yes!

There are some gorgeous ones at the New York Times.
And of course the ladies of Go Fug Yourself gave their two cents on a few ensembles.

Keep your fingers crossed for the Oscars!

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