Friday, January 18, 2008

Political Resources

Tis the season for brushing up on your candidates. Check out these three sites for some neutral information:
Check out these sites for some less than neutral information:
The Becker/Posner Blog
The Citizens
edit: Bob just shared a little gem in the less than neutral category that you must read, though, I advise you as a former labor law attorney who is in no way giving you legal advice, that you might not want to read it at work because people can be sensitive about the truly funny. goodCRIMETHINK and I know reading the "About the Author" part of a blog is like the most uncool thing since global warming (sorry I've been reading a comedian's blog, so now I think I'm a comedian, and I'm really really not), you should totally read his, because it's REALLY funny. Way funnier than that crap joke I just made about global warming.
Another Bob gem this time to add to the neutral category GlassBooth

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