Saturday, January 12, 2008

Listening to . . .

The soundtrack to Juno makes me want to serenade someone. I predict All I Want is You by Barry Louis Parker will be the most popular first dance song at hipster weddings in 2008. The right couple could do a mean Cajun two-step to that ditty.
Wolf Parade Apologies to Queen Mary makes me want to dance like I used to with my friend Thalia around the living room to the soundtrack to Zorba the Greek.
Spoon I don't know which albums (that damnable iPod obscures origins), possibly all of them. And I wonder where my money goes.
Jack's Mannequin Everything in Transit has very good boy-in-love songs by the vocalist/pianist Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate. He has leukemia. Though I recently discovered through the wonders of Wikipedia that this album was released only three months after his diagnosis, I had listened to it thinking he was in some sense writing about his illness. And maybe he was. Anywho, there are parts here and there that resonate with me in terms of dealing with my RA. Which is particularly embarrassing given that the lyrics are likely about twenty something angst and NOT dealing with one's body rejecting oneself.

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