Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Game room poster designs

These are the signs for my game room at VSU, designed by Sarah. They rock. There's also a view in there of what the game room looks like from the doorway. I know -- needs more color, less school hallway look.

Stop looking at the room -- check out those checkboards!

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Sarah said...

Those colors printed very nicely. Did you try printing the checkerboard with the logos? That's going to be a test of your printer's color separation. Is the poster laminated and then written upon with a dry erase? I want to trim your lamination to 1/8 inch beyond the edge of the paper and I want to use one of those giant machete cutters that art teachers used to have instead of those meek mannered rolling cutters they use these days.

Bob said...

Through the magic of camera phones and Picasa, the slide show now includes two pictures of a pretty big machete cutter (and its little brother) that we have in our copy room. I did use it to clean up the edges of some of the laminated stuff. (Our laminator also has slitter blades, but it doesn't have 1/8 inch precision.)

And yes, I laminated then wrote the time and place with dry erase, so I can change those if they kick me out of the room or I change my hours or whatever. This seems like an excellent idea, except the one in the hall keeps getting partially rubbed off. Either someone is just a jerk, or is foolish enough to lean on it or rub their head on it or something.

I haven't printed the checkerboard with logos. I _think_ the color separation is ok, but I'm not sure that the logos will show up enough. (Maybe if I blow up the pictures?)

Sarah said...

Apparently VSU is completely unconcerned about the safety of wayward fingers. Excellent! I covet your machete cutters.

Ingenious use of lamination. I imagine an unsuspecting wall-leaning student with dry erase schmutz all over the back of his clothing. Heh, heh. Be sure to use bright dry erase colors. :)

Given the awesomeness of your color printing capabilities, I think you should print the checkerboard with logos HUMONGOUSLY. And the domino poster. Actually I'd love to see how they print at standard size just to see if the logos are legible at all, especially the teensy ones on the dominoes.

But most importantly, have more students shown up to your awesome game room since you put up the snazzy poster?