Sunday, May 03, 2009

First Veggies of the Season

Rebecca was up bright and early Saturday, to get the best vegetables from our CSA at the Forest Hill Park farmer's market. It's good to be back in the veggies!

(Note: the above slide show has captions -- click the speech bubble that appears in the lower left corner when you hover over the slideshow after you click it to play.)

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Thalia said...

French breakfast radishes? Expliquez, s'il vous plait!

Rebecca said...

Our CSA grows two types - the breakfast radishes which are longer and a little bit milder and then a variety called Easter egg radishes, which are the standard looking kind, but which come in red, pink and white. The French apparently love radishes.

Sarah said...

What is raab? How does one consume it? What are you going to make with all this yummy veg? On a scale from zero to ten how jealous am I of your CSA?

Thalia said...

Personally, I'm at 11 on that scale. It all looks SO GOOD.

(She types, eating her bar-form food breakfast.)

Bob said...

"Raab" is the same as "rabe", "rapini", and "broccoli rabe". It's a green; typically Rebecca saut├ęs it in olive oil with garlic (although she possibly has exotic other uses too.)