Thursday, May 21, 2009


What have you been doing over your summer vacation, Bob?

Ripping up the basement.

Here's some pictures of the destruction, with some opportunities for forensic electricianship, if you're interested. Any comments about the state of the basement and our plans for future furnishing are welcome.

Those plans currently include: ripping out the furring strips that have been driven into the brick wall, as well as the strips on the ceiling; painting the brick walls with drylok, and putting a stud wall up to replace the strips; putting drywall up on the walls and ceiling, after putting canister lights or other recessed lighting up between the joists.

Our end goal is to have a nice-looking furnished basement room with >6'6" height just about everywhere (floor-to-joist height is 6'8"), and with soffits as small and high as possible (I can walk under the radiator pipes, but not under the soffit around them with ceiling tile and trim as it was.)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Dire warnings of homeowner doom?

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Sarah said...

Demolition job well done!
So are you going to redo the soffits where they appear gratuitously low? Is that rotten floor plate whatevermajiggy an issue or just something to observe and cover over as there is not much you can do other than jack the whole house up, take out the rotten bits, put in unrotten bits, unjack the house, wait for the first big rain, and watch it all rot again?

Rebecca said...

Hopefully Bob will beat the soffits into submission and we will regain a little ceiling space. The pieces of rotted wood can be removed and replaced. They are just nailed to the brick wall. We're very excited by the prospects for the basement!