Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bike lanes

True other places too. I'm not a big biker, but I'd be far more tempted if it didn't involve chicken contests with cars.
For example, the city fathers of Washington, DC should consider that though it's nice that they've established some bike lanes, the key thing would be for the lanes to connect with one another and go into the downtown area so they'd be helpful for people trying to get from where they live to where the bulk of the stuff is.
It's like how the roads for cars don't just stop arbitrarily.
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Sarah said...

Bloomington, Indiana, is one of the most bike friendly cities in the country. It is the home of Breaking Away after all. They have a few roads with truly separate bike paths. Then there are lanes that are marked with bicycle icons, but that you can drive on. Not sure what the icons mean other than maybe marking the spots where bicyclists have been killed by cars.

Sarah said...

You can sign a petition asking the fine folks at Google Maps to provide a "Bike there" option.