Friday, August 19, 2011

National Geographic Magazine for Kids

When I was a kid my parents had subscriptions to a ton of magazines. I whiled away hours flipping through them, even if it was just to see the pretty graphs and gross pictures in JAMA. We always had a stack of old National Geographic magazines available to reread or chop into collages. Between reducing our paper consumption and the availability of content online, we have no magazine subscriptions. The closest thing is the monthly Zoonooz that comes with our San Diego Zoo membership. The wee bairn devours Zoonooz, almost literally, immediately upon arrival. So when I saw our local Sierra Club kids auxiliary recommending the National Geographic Little Kids Magazine I became intrigued. Any thoughts on periodicals for the sub-preschool set?

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Rebecca said...

I remember getting the animal cards occasionally (free promotion or something) and I thought they were awesome. I was a bit older though. I think that Dexter is still a little young for the magazine, but I will definitely keep this on the list for next year. I loved Highlights as a kid, but again I was a bit older.