Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Perusing my usual parenting blogs, I came across a post at Inhabitots about The Great Cloth Diaper Change on April 23, 2011. Basically, combine Earth Day, parenting, and the Guinness World Records, and you get the idea to change more wee bairns into a cloth diaper at the same time than ever before.

Whether you're part of the gDiaper Mommy Militia or simply a fan of GroVia (formerly GroBaby), FuzziBunz, bumGenius, or good ol' prefolds, please participate. Let's show folks that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families. If you are all out of babies needing diapers or otherwise unable to participate directly, please consider supporting the Real Diaper Association, a non-profit organization that advocates for cloth diapering.

We'll be participating at our current favorite granola crunchy baby store: No Sugar Added in Claremont. FYI, we'll be changing from a GroBaby into an organic unbleached prefold with an organic Imse Vimse cover with a Snappi closure, which is my current most favored diapering solution. Let's save the planet one nappy at a time!

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Rebecca said...

I think our local store is participating too, so we will aim to be part of this too. Lately Dexter has been less than thrilled to have his diaper changed, so it should be eventful to change him in front of a bunch of other people.

Sarah said...

The wee bairn hasn't been loving diaper changes here either. I'm wondering if all the distractions of the event will actually make her more calm. Let me know how Dexter does.

Thalia said...

Not sure if I'll make it - event sponsored locally by a cloth diaper shop here.

We had to put aside our beloved groVias (love them!), and get larger diapers for the Sprout (Fuzzibuns, KawaiiBaby, etc). I may try prefolds soon - right now using terrycloth over hemp/cotton.

And recently putting Sprout in the changing table has led to crying and shrieking. Awesome.

Thalia said...
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Sarah said...

Didn't Dexter "grow out of" his GroBabies too? We only use them for relatively short periods of time because the wee bairn's bladder volume seems to exceed the absorbent capacity of the diaper. But they're still the favorite of Dad and most sitters.

At our parent/teacher conference at the wee bairn's daycare I asked about how to deal with changing table dramatics. Apparently such dramatics never take place at daycare. The master teacher gave us a few tips. First, let the kiddo "choose" which diaper. Now, all of the diapers and covers we have at daycare are the same (yes, our daycare uses cloth, we are SO lucky), but it's giving the kiddo the sense of control in a vulnerable situation. I've done this at home (just held out two diapers and then two covers and let her pick one of each) and it certainly prevents that initial meltdown when I put her on the table. Second, make a laminated ring book of nursery rhymes with pictures to have on the changing table. She can pick which rhyme she wants you to say to her. Again, the notion of control. Added with the current developmental stage LOVING rhymes. I haven't had a chance to implement this one yet, but I'll be sure to blog about it when I do.

Rebecca said...

We didn't have much success with the Grobabies for a while. I think that his legs were too skinny for a long time. They seem to be better now. Although, we have always had the best success with the prefolds with Thirsty covers. He's eating about 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables now and the Grobabies have a hard time with - we end up needing to wash the covers after one use.

Since he sleeps for 11-13 hours a night, we use a disposable at night. We tried combating the diaper rash that he was getting, but after going through a tube of A and D with no improvement, I gave up.

Looks like our local store is NOT actually hosting the event. There's one in Charlottesville, but I don't think driving 1.5 hours there and back seems like an environmentally (or mentally) sound choice.