Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flock of Sheep Follow Up


What to do with the 10 leftove egg yolks that resulted from making the sheep? I searched the web for yolk recipes and decided to make lemon curd and yellow cake.


I put the curd between the layers of the cake and then frosted the cake with buttercream icing. It turned out awesome. The cake was really flavorful and moist. The directions for the cake were different from what I'm used to. Most cakes I've made are the cream butter/sugar and then beat eggs and then stir in the dry ingredients alternating with dairy. This one has you mix all the dry ingredients together and beat in the butter. Then you add the eggs, and finally, the milk. I was concerned, but it came turned out great.

As a side note, between Bob's stomach bug and my dislike of the frosting on the sheep cupcakes, we actually ended up throwing some away because they were finally too stale for even Bob to eat once he was feeling better.

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Sarah said...

Ingenious use of leftover yolks! Was this also the leftover buttercream from the Flock? The buttercream recipe yielded a lot more frosting than the Flock required. I was kinda grossed out by the sheep I had for breakfast the day we left, so I'm amazed Bob could even muster an attempt to eat one long after that.

Rebecca said...

I threw out the swiss meringue frosting that was leftover from the sheep. Neither of us liked it much. Plus, the curd was fairly tart so I wanted sweeter icing.

The cupcakes were pretty stale by Monday (5 days out) but they weren't covered, so that's not that surprising. I think we would have been better off making 12 sheep and freezing the other cupcakes.