Sunday, April 25, 2010

Uberstix Skyscraper

I got the "Uberstix Starter Set" from the local game store (One-Eyed Jacques) recently, because it seemed like plastic construction doohickeys with a clever twist: they are designed to interlock with other plastic construction doohickeys (like Lego, Erector, and suchlike), and also work with recycled materials (like plastic bottles for boat flotation devices.)

These are just from the starter set, and aren't all the pieces. (I did use all the red and yellow stick shapes for this, though.) There's something very satisfying about a construction set that gives you enough stuff to build a freestanding structure that goes all the way to the ceiling.

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Sarah said...

Love the idea of a universal construction toy that unites all other construction toys to take over the world. What's the minimum age suggestion on these bad boys?

Sarah said...

Answered my own question with a wee bit o' googling. Looks like ages 8 and up per