Friday, February 27, 2009

Furrday: Kissy Face

To quote the gleeful squeal we heard from one of the vet techs the first time we took Augie to the vet, "This one gives kisses!"

So much so it can get a bit out of hand.

I am reminded of Pepe Le Pew.

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Terri said...

Wow... Umm. It kind of looks like you guys should be on a rocky beach with waves crashing over you.

It's good to love your pets..
Just don't LOVE your pets.. :)

Thalia said...


I think you need a Maddie backup of kissing. Just in case. She'll plunk her 90+ lbs down anywhere for kisses.

I have a random question for you: where do you get your long-sleeve T-shirts? I want to get some for mid-season layering (do I sound like an idiot? hmmm), and things are either paper-thin and expensive, or 3/4 sleeved.

Rebecca said...

I love the Augie kisses :)

I've had some luck with t-shirts from Banana Republic. These aren't the same ones I got (mine were round neck, but I don't see them now.) They are a nice weight.

Sarah said...

I love Augie, but I don't LOVE Augie. David astutely noted that the still photographs really obscure the fact that I'm desperately moving my head to avoid getting kissed.

Long Sleeved T's = American Apparel

Thalia said...

Thank you both to Rebecca and Sarah for your t-shirt recommendations during comments gank! Most appreciated. Radicus.

And Terri - hey, you're awesome.