Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cool produce

I meant to post this ages ago and then forgot.

We tried some new to us produce this summer:
dried fava beans, purslane, burgundy okra, slip skin melon.



I soaked the fava beans and then I was able to easily remove the outer layer to reveal the edible bean inside. When they cooked, they basically disolved into a mush that, when seasoned and mixed with olive oil, made a delicious sauce for pasta.


The purslane is somewhat lemoney and was great in a salad with feta and tomatoes. Purslane is the land plant with the most omega-3.


I miss these tomatoes already.


The okra tasted like regular okra, but was pretty. We mostly eat it raw.


The melon was good. Not quite as good as really good honeydew, but we certainly had no problems finishing it.

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