Saturday, November 06, 2010

Meta T-shirt

Wrap your brain around this. On NPR's Planet Money Tuesday Podcast they're doing a series about making a Planet Money t-shirt. They've settled on a design - a QR code containing the story of making the t-shirt - and a color palette - green and gray. Their first installment "explain[s] why ripping off other people's fashion ideas is a good — and, for the moment, perfectly legal — strategy for us to pursue." So what is this t-shirt? If you scan the QR code you will get the link to the Planet Money Tuesday Podcast about stealing other people's fashion ideas. Get it?

I just used that handy free QR Code Generator, plugged in the URL for the podcast, took the resulting .png file into GIMP and changed the black to either gray or green, and then popped it into Zazzle.

Definitely check out the podcast and the links on the page for the podcast. Lots of cool information about the intellectual property issues surrounding fashion.

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