Friday, August 06, 2010

Feeling Peachy


I ordered 30 pounds of peaches and 10 pounds of nectarines from my CSA. I know, I'm crazy. So, I made a ton of baby food (hope Dexter likes peaches), a peach cobbler, 4 quarts of canned peach slices with cinnamon, and I dried the rest. We still have a ton of nectarines in the fridge. I dried some of them, but they were hard to pit so I gave up. We'll just have to eat them. The quality of the peaches was amazing and they were relatively cheap. I had a few get moldy on me, but I feel pretty accomplished for working my way through all that fruit.
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Sarah said...

Awesome! I am so impressed with your food preservation skills. Do you have a proper canning apparatus or do you just boil jars in whatever pot fits them? What is your fruit drying procedure? I need to try drying.

You can make the nectarines into baby food too. Cooked nectarines and cooked peaches are listed as good food for beginning eaters in Super Baby Food. Zoe LOVES peaches. We haven't had nectarines in our CSA basket recently, so she hasn't had those yet.

Rebecca said...

I do have a canner pot. They are actually pretty cheap and it makes life a lot easier. I borrowed my friends dehydrator. It takes quite a few hours to dehydrate stuff, but there's not effort involved. Although you do have to prep the fruit by cutting it up. I've dried apples also and they worked well. My friend makes zucchini chips which are pretty tasty. You can also dry tomatoes, although I do that in the over sometimes.