Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another lazy tea - Blondies

A late night of teaching meant I needed another fast recipe. I made this Blondie recipe from Smitten Kitchen, which is from Mark Bittman.

I also doubled the recipe. I used light brown sugar (I think that dark would have been too strong.) My addition was a bag of Heath toffee chips. These were awesome and I don't usually even like Blondies. I baked them for about 35 minutes. In my oven, they could have used another 5 minutes, I think. But, they all got eaten, so they weren't too bad.

My only problem with this recipe was that they stuck to the pan. I thought that I was being clever by melting the butter in my baking dish and greasing the pan that way, but apparently, it wasn't a thick enough coating. Next time, I would line the bottom with parchment.

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easy recipe said...

Thanks for the butter tip I'm going to try it.

laughingmuse said...

Once again, trying to eat my computer screen doesn't work.