Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canadian Adventure

I had a math conference in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. Vancouver had record breaking heat (several 90 degree days) and no a/c. We almost melted, but managed a few minutes of sleep and got to see some cool things. We then traveled to Victoria. It was much cooler and the conference was behind me so it was great. The last leg of the trip had us traveling back to Vancouver, renting a car and driving to Banff. Despite the rain, and unseasonably cold temps (in the 50's) we got some spectacular views and had a great time. Click on the slide show to open in a large window for better viewing.

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laughingmuse said...

I actually looked into going to grad school at the University of British Columbia. Unfortunately, I did not work out the details of getting a working fellowship/teaching assistantship before the time came to apply. It looks so beautiful.