Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Game plan?

There's a discussion on Bible versions over in the comments to the original post. In addition, I was thinking we should have some general scheme for what we plan to do. As the original post suggested, this is hopefully going to take what's good about English classes and book clubs, and leave out what's bad.

I kinda think sharing ideas and insights and building on them is good, but pressure to read X pages by next week, and fear of criticism are bad. The advantage of a blog is that it's semi-permanent; if you want to follow up on someone's idea, it'll be there to look at, even if you didn't read that part when they did.

One idea is that Gnomicon is a bit like building your own Cliff's notes -- if you want to keep some story straight, you can summarize it here. If someone sees a parallel, they can comment on your summary. If you just don't get some section (I tried to read Job once, and I think it's pretty morally confusing), you should post that. Then, if you think you get it later, post that.

Most of all, I think we shouldn't be afraid to post early and often. No one's going to be mean or call you a dummy. No one's going to judge you for wanting to talk about Genesis while they're reading Revelations. This is kind of a "Cheap, Fast, and Out of Control" idea for the blog.

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